Guitar Shops in Bolton

Guitar Shops in Bolton

Here at Guitar Lessons Bolton we are frequently asked by our guitar students which guitar shops in Bolton are the best to shop at. To answer our student's question and hopefully help you out too we have compiled a short list of what we consider are the best guitar stores in Bolton. We love a good guitar shop and know a good one when we see it, so you can rest assure that these music stores are fantastic. In no order...

Booth Music is an excellent general music shop located at 17 Churchgate, BL1 1HU. Packed full of every musical instrument you can imagine, along with a whole range of musical accessories and books, the store caters well for guitarists needs. Their wall of guitars is perfect for beginner guitarists searching for their first guitar, amp and lead - right in the correct pricing brand. For the more experienced guitarist, you will find Gibsons, Fenders and Ibanez guitars as well as a host of guitar accessories, the staff are excellent - a great guitar store to try out.

HW Audio Megastore has a great guitar department as you can see from the picture. Boasting a huge range of guitar amps, guitars and guitar pedals HW Audio really is one of the top guitar stores in Bolton. A little more specialist than Booth Music they have more stock to offer and plenty of equipment to try out. The prices are fair too, with some great deals if products are in the sales. Located at 180 - 198 St Georges Road, BL1 2PH the shop is a music for any aspiring guitarists in Bolton.

The Guitar Shack Bolton, located at Octagon Court, BL1 1UR, is a guitar store well worth visiting. Jammed full of guitar equipment and so really interesting guitar pedals and accessories The Guitar Shack offers more than the average guitar store. The pricing is also very reasonable, suiting all sizes of budgets and everyone from beginner students upwards. Stocking Fender, Ibanez - as well as some of the more usual guitars via a used guitar collection. The guitar store also has guitar repairs, upgrades and maintenance service. Everything from restringing guitars to fixing broken necks - great to know for any Bolton based guitarists.

Rimmers Music is a fantastic music shop located at 29-31 Goodwin Street, BL1 1UN, packed full of a wide range of instruments and music accessories. Boasting a wide range of guitars and guitar equipment Rimmers Music hold stock that suits all budgets - everything from Squire Stratocasters (£130ish) to Fender Jaguars (£700+). The staff offer great advice and are attentive to a guitarist's needs despite the wide range of instruments on offer. A good music shop providing all the guitar essentials - if you are looking for something more unusual though I would check out a guitar specialist.

If you are interested in booking local rehearsal space, check out this article: Recording & Rehearsal Studios in Bolton. You can also find out more about Famous Bands from Bolton and local music venues, all aimed at inspiring our students to get involved in the local music scene.

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