Music Venues in Bolton

Music Venues in Bolton

Here at Guitar Lessons Bolton we love hearing that one of our guitar students has taken to the stage for the first time with their band. We often get asked which are the best venues in Bolton to start gigging at or to watch local, national and international bands. To help answer all of these questions we have compiled a short list of the best music venues Bolton has to offer. In no order...

The Railway Venue, nominated by the NME as the UK's Number 1 'small' music venue, is totally where you should be heading to watch up and coming local bands or start your gigging career. Located at 37 Chapeltown Road, Bromley Cross, BL7 9LY the Railway Venue plays host some amazing tribute bands, including Nearly Noel Gallgher, Fink Ployd and others as well as loads of origional bands in their own right. A seriously great night out, go and enjoy yourself.

Bolton's Albert Halls occasionally puts on some great bands, having seen the likes of Fighting the Cuts as well as Peter Kay's famous comedy performances grace their stage. It is worth keeping a eye on what is going on, although in recent years the quality and frequency of performers has declined. Having said that Showaddywaddy are headling the Albert Halls in early 2013 so I guess it is not all bad.

Moses Gate have some cracking cover bands including the likes of Reet Hot Chili Peppers, Mentallica and DC/79. Located at 5 Bolton Road, BL4 7JU Moses Gate is also a fantastic music venue in Bolton to hold gigs in if you are a local band trying to build an audience. Top guys and a fantastic night out - Moses Gate also sell some pretty cool mechandise, awesome looking T-Shirts so make sure you get your hands on that when you next go. See you at the front.

Reebok Stadium has hosted some of the biggest bands that have played in Bolton, most notebly Oasis's gig in 2000 to a sell out 30,000 strong crowd. P!nk, Elton John and Coldplay have also gigged in the stadium since its opening in 1997. A great venue to watch the worlds best musicians I am sure we will be seeing a few more gigs at the Reebok Stadium over the next few years - we worth keeping an eye out for who is playing here as I am sure they will be great.

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