Recording and Rehearsal Studios in Bolton

Recording and Rehearsal Studios in Bolton

Here at Guitar Lessons Bolton we really encourage our students to write, rehears and record music in local bands. It is fantastic to get involved with the local Bolton music scene and we love helping people along the way so we have drawn together a short list of what we consider as the best places to practise and record in Bolton. With a special emphasis on the perfect studio for young local bands recording their first EP we have come up with this list. Enjoy. In no order... 

DOA Studios, possibly the coolest rehearsal studios in Bolton are located at Unit F on Wordsworth Trading Estate, BL1 3ND. There room rent of just £22 for a four hour session is first class, with a PA system and mics coming as standard. Drum kits are rentable from an extra tenner and guitar amps for an extra fiver. Simply a top place, well worth visiting especially for up and coming local bands.

Redbridge Studios located at Unit 2, on the Redbridge Industrial Estate, BL2 5PH, have an unbelieveable 15 rehearsal rooms. Rentable for £145 per month for a permant room, or per hour at reasonable rate the studio is really well fitted to make it a relaxed and chilled out place to rock. Redbridge studios can also record your band in their first class Pro-Tools recording studio - ideal for your first EP recording if you are a local band.

The Blue Room currently has a truely awesome offer of a full studio day for £120 including mastering. A fantastic deal for any band looking to record their first EP, this deal is well worth taking up. Although based over in Bury the first class studio equipment and professional members of staff make the journey over one you should make. The Blue Room's rehearsal rates are also pretty reasonable at £30 for a four hour session in their massive live room, PA and mics included as standard. A great recording studio with a fantastic recording offer to make the most over while it lasts.

Red Wall Studios is a first class recording and rehearsal studios located out at New Victoria Mills in Bury, BL8 2AL. It is well worth the drive though, with its three rehearsal studios rentable for £20 for four hours, £6 thereafter with a PA system, drums and guitar amps supplied as standard for no extra cost. Red Wall Studios even offer to store your amp equipment for £5 per week in a secure storage unit - now that is great customer service. Their recording factilities are second to none as well, with three fully qualified sound engineers and state of the art recording equipment. Totally worth the drive over to Bury, you won't be disapointed.

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